THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

Problems of teaching of disciplines of the organization of economic management and creative socio-economic consulting

2014. №1, pp. 198-202

Atayan Nikolay Kh. - D.Sc. (Economics), Professor, Volgograd branch RANHiGS, 8 Gagarina st., Volgograd, 400131, Russian Federation,

Analysis of the problems of teaching managerial disciplines includes the study of historical sends the realities of management, the etymology of the psychology of deviant behavior in youth environment, the technology of formation of innovative organizational and managerial thinking in the course of making their own decisions in creative student's environment and organization of systematic конферативных scientific and educational discussion seminar with developing consulting on research areas of project management .

Key words: организация управления экономикой, креативный социально-экономический консалтинг, organization of economic management, creative socio-economic consulting