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National Self-Determination and the new political elite of South Ossetia with the collapse of the USSR

2014. №1, pp. 183-189

Sanakoev Inal B. - Ph.D. (Political Sciences), Senior Researcher, North Ossetian Center for Social Research of The Institute of Socio-Political Research of Russian Academy of Sciences, 19 Vesennyia st., Vladikavkaz, 362047, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania,

This article analyzes the process of national self-determination of South Ossetia and the role played in it by the new political elite during the collapse of the Soviet Union. The main focus of his research the author makes on the specifics of the formation of a new ruling elite in South Ossetia, to identify its motivational component, which had a decisive influence on the choice of the final version of the South Ossetian self-determination.

Key words: Национальное самоопределение, новая политическая элита, властная мотивация, этнонациональная мотивация, политические интересы, национальное движение, National self-determination, the new political elite, power motivation, ethno-national motivation, political interests, the national movement