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The concept, nature and particular category В«national securityВ»

2014. №1, pp. 91-96

Novoselov Sergey Veniaminovich - Ph..Sc. in History, Senior Lecturer, Astrakhan State University,

In modern research on question of national security conceptual apparatus characterized unchecked, many different interpretations of the terms, the lack of a clear understanding of the issues and possible solutions. Source of "national security" is inextricably linked to the category of "national interest." But these categories reflect the different functions of national security policy, which is divided into two phases: the phase of formulation and implementation. Category of interest relates to the first phase, safety - to the second.

Key words: безопасность, национальная безопасность, национальный интерес, субъект безопасности, потребности, деятельность, цель, средства обеспечения безопасности, деструктивные факторы, security, national security, national interest, the subject of security, needs, activities, purpose, securitty tools, destructive factors