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Russian orthodox church in the information society

2013. №4, pp. 368-374

Yermakova Mariya V.  - post-graduate student, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 31/1 Lomonosovskiy av., Moscow, 119192, Russian Federation ,,

Russian Federation has officially taken a course for setting and developing the information society. Russian Orthodox church which has its tradition and operation deeply entwined with the past and the present of Russia rightly declares itself a participant of the process. The article deals with the principle method and steps taken by the Church on both external and internal ways for improving functioning and communication. The main challenges and the perspectives of the modern clerical activities in the field of information society are viewed with the regard to the specific traits of such organization as Church. The author considers the main documents and organizational transformations that aim to develop communication and information distribution both in clerical and secular spheres without losing traditional and hierarchical feautures of Russian Orthodox Church.

Key words: Russian Orthodox Church,information society,Synodical Information Department,SID signature stamp,press relation service,official site,Moscow Patriarchate,journalism,hierarchy,Orthodoxy,temple