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Scientific journal

Role of female public associations in political system of modern Russia

2013. №4, pp. 357-361

Bekizheva Dina I.  - post-graduate student, North-Caucasian State Humanities and Technology Academy, 36 Stavropolskaya st., Cherkessk, 369000, Russian Federation,, kuliabceva @

Modernization and democratization of political system created favorable structures of political opportunities for emergence and development of various associations, including female, become major institutes of civil society through which women have a real opportunity to aggregate and articulate the interests. Influencing via certain political mechanisms the state, public associations promote satisfaction of the interests by means of use of the political power. Active interaction of the state and public associations, promotes population involvement in the solution of public tasks, does a state policy of more effective.

Key words: political system,female public associations,interests,requirements,civil society