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Operations of commercial banks with precious metals

2013. №4, pp. 339-347

Masalov Aleksandr A.  - post-graduate student, North-Caucasian Humanitarian and Technical Institute, 8 Kulakov av., Stavropol, 355035, Russian Federation ,,

The article describes the institutional and legal framework of the Russian operations of commercial banks in precious metals, carried out on the basis of special licenses ( authorized banks ) or without (non - authorized banks ). We characterize the general requirements of state-tion of coins and ingots of precious metals to the operations of commercial banks for buying, selling and underwriting of charge storage in specialized bullion vaults. On the example of Sberbank of Russia shows the general and particular requirements of modern banks’ operations and services to buy and sell coins and bars of precious metals, as well as the economic advantages and benefits that the banks and their clients on the acquisition obezli-chennyh bullions of precious metals and maintenance of unallocated metal accounts for precious metals. Disclosed the general principles of commercial banks operations of economic arbitrage, options, different types of swaps on time Type Location - lance and the quality of the metal, as well as to commit bank forward and futures exchange transactions with precious metals on behalf of banks or their customers.

Key words: commercial banks,precious metals,deconcrease in metal accounts,arbitrage,options,swaps,forward contracts,futures contracts