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The election campaigns of candidates for the post of the head of the municipality city of Astrakhan in 2012 year: the expert analysis

2013. 4, pp. 326-333

Dantes Vadim G.  - Post-graduate student, Astrakhan State University, 20 Tatishchev st., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,,

The article deals with the views of experts on the successful and unsuccessful decisions taken by the candidates for the post of the Head of the municipality "City of Astrakhan" in the election campaign of 2012. Published results are the one of the sections of the expert interview Uses possibilities of resource potential of candidates for the post of Head of the municipality City of Astrakhan. The expert interview was conducted in the framework of the survey The problem of effective use of resources of the power modern Russian political elite and made in the preparation of the thesis for the Ph.D. (Political Science). The main purpose of this section of the expert survey is assessment of those decisions which experts recall after a year from the date of the election.

Key words: expert,expert survey,election of the Head of the municipality "City of Astrakhan",resource potential of the candidate,successful solutions in the election campaign,unsuccessful decisions of the election campaign