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Mythologization of the historical past in the public consciousness

2013. 4, pp. 289-296

Zubova Oksana G.  - Ph.D. (Political Sciences), Associate Professor, Moscow Humanities Institute named E.R Dashkova, 6 B Leskov st., Moscow, 127349, Russian Feeration,,

The article deals with urgent questions connected with the problem of mythologization of the historical past in Russian public opinion. Today the process of revision of the concept of history, in a greater degree is connected not with research scientists, and with the attempt through the story itself, create mythological images of the past, part present and transforming the image of the future, so as to legitimacy, the creation of a unifying national ideology. And as always present historical continuity and formed historically mission of the country, history becomes a field of competitive struggle of different political myths, when the fate of the country, caused a lively discussion Westerners and Slavophiles, remains the main unresolved problem of choosing a national path of development.

Key words: uniform concept of the history of Russia,the manipulation of public conscience,the historical memory,the image of the enemy and the hero,ideology,archetypes,stereotypes,mythological images,legitimacy of power,historical falsification