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Tendencies of development of ideas of motivation in behaviour psychology

2013. 4, pp. 187-195

Gaynutdinova Yekaterina V.  - Ph.D. (Philosophy), Associate Professor, Astrakhan State Technical University, 16 Tatishchev st., Astrakhan, 414025, Russian Federation,,

The achievements of psychology made and continue to make the significant contribution to studying the problem of motivation within which researches of the development mechanism of requirement, motive, incentive, the purpose, will, etc. in human activity were conducted that couldnt but be reflected in features of understanding the motivation in social philosophy which forming the general methodology of motivation not only builds the concept, but also is guided by achievements of other areas of the social and humanitarian knowledge offering the problem solutions. Features of the ratio objective and subjective concerning motivation predetermined the development of such tendencies in understanding the essence of motivational process which find itself in differentiation of the following approaches: subjective, objective and subject and object.

Key words: motivation,substantional-active approach,static,dynamic motivational concepts,subject,object,subjective,objective,subject and object