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Scientific journal

Dichotomy state civil society: historical evolution and modern realities

2013. 4, pp. 30-44

Moshchelkov Evgeny Nikolaevich  - D.Sc. (Philosophy), Professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1 Leninskie gory st., Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation,,

Article is devoted to the analysis of development dichotomizing pair "the state-civil society" in Russia. The author considers in details a historical and political context in which there was a formation of this system of scientific ideas. It is noted that within historical development of social sciences of the concept "state" and "civil society" passed difficult evolution of the contents and conceptual interpretations. The special attention is paid to a concept of civil society.

Key words: state,power,civil society,history,policy,political science,right,property,personality