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Scientific journal

Modern Cossacks in Southern Russia (on the materials of Stavropol Krai)

2013. 3, pp. 375-383

Dobrovolsky Vladimir - Competitor, North-Caucasian Federal University, 2 Kulakov av., Stavropol, 355035, Russia,,

The article on the materials of the Stavropol Territory shows the main content-chronological stages of formation and development of the Cossack-associations in southern Russia at the end of the XXXXI century. Proved that in the structure of modern Cossacks Cossack communities stand made in the State Register of the Russian Federation, and the Cossack associations and fugitive descendants of the Cossacks.

Key words: Cossacks,Cossacks,Cossack communities,the Cossack organization,revival of the Cossacks,the public service of the Cossacks