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Scientific journal

The acquisition of the astrakhan archive in 1920-1928

2013. №2, pp. 325-333

Burakovskaya Maria S.  - head of department, The State archive of the Astrakhan region, 39а Academician Korolyov st., Astrakhan, 414040, Russia,,

The article is devoted to the work of the personnel of the Astrakhan province archive at the detection, registration and concentration of the archive funds of the region in 1920s; the author traces the ways of receiving documents from the departmental archives to the Astrakhan province archive, indicates the most important order documents of the central and local authorities on the acquisition of the regional archives. The text material is accompanied with the statistical data on the quantity of incoming funds. The article is based on the report documentation kept in the State Archive of the Astrakhan region.

Key words: The history of archiving,the detection and registration of the archive funds,the acquisition of the regional archives,the State Archive of the Astrakhan region,the acquisition of the Astrakhan archive