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Archetype hero in fantasy literature

2013. №2, pp. 310-317

Demina Anastasija V.  - post-graduate student, Astrakhan State University, 20а Tatishchev st., Astrakhan, 414056, Russia ,,

The literary genre of fantasy, based on the use of various mythological characters and plots, is widely popular in modern culture. Fiction writers actively exploit and transform in his work mythological archetypes, affecting thus the collective human unconscious. The most used in the literature fantasy archetypes are Cultural Hero and Journey (Road). Relaying these cultural archetypes in fantasy literature, on the one hand, inevitably leads to a loss of sacredness and the mass distribution of ideas Hero and Journey. On the other hand, this transformation, despite the new text retains a close relationship with the mythological consciousness. As the analysis of fantasy books, developed by American mythologist Joseph Campbell traffic of Journey of Cultural Hero is also relevant and consistent for many fantasy stories.

Key words: mythology,archetype,Cultural Hero,Journey,fantasy,literature,quest