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State policy of Russia on fight against islamic extremism in the territory of the Volga region at the end of XX – the beginning of the XXI century

2013. №2, pp. 19-27

Syzranov Andrey V.  - Ph.D. (History), Associate Professor, Astrakhan State University, 20а Tatishchev st., Astrakhan, 414056, Russia,,

Article is devoted to the analysis of policy of the Russian state on fight against Islamic extremism in the territory of the Volga region region (in particular, in the Astrakhan, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Orenburg areas and the Republic of Mordovia). At the end of XX – the beginning of the XXI century, in connection with inflow to the Volga region representatives of various ethnic groups from Central Asia and the North Caucasus, ideas started getting into the region, not characteristic for the Russian "traditional" Islam. After ideas there were extremist groups fight with which started conducting law enforcement agencies. As a result of penetration and distribution in Russia of ideas of radical Islam the number of Muslims (mainly, from among youth), adhering extreme views sharply increased. It is caused by many factors: activity of foreign radical extremist movements and organizations; religious ignorance of people; real shortcomings, problems of the legal Muslim organizations of the Volga region; defects and insufficient attention to Islam of regional and municipal authorities. For fight against extremism it is necessary to revive and propagandize values of "traditional" Islam. In all regions of the Volga region more or less constructive interaction of authorities and the Islamic organizations in counteraction to threats of distribution of radical ideas among Muslims of the region is carried out.

Key words: spiritual management,Islam,Muslim organizations,Volga region,policy,radicalism,Russian state,salafits,extremism