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Interaction with Another in a context of phenomenology of travel

2013. 1, pp. 234-240

Alekseeva Darya A. - Ph.D. (Philosophy), Associate Professor, The Russian presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, 82 Vernadsky Ave., Moscow, 119571, Russia,

The article is devoted to a phenomenon of a travel as, first of all, to a meeting with Another. In article are differentiated travel as a special type of life and tourism, as the certain unified form of leisure, turning a meeting with Another into an element of culture of daily occurrence. Travel, in difference with tourism, is a certain attempt to understand own identity in the course of collision with anothers identity. Process of travel is a transcending out of own borders and its intentsionality is directed on contact with an Otherness of Another. This Otherness also is the main motive power of any voluntary travel. In article is given the analysis of understanding of a phenomenon of Another in a number of historico-philosophical concepts as a result of which the author comes to a conclusion about inevitability of dialogical perception of Another in the course of travel. The relation paradigm, I and Another, shown in article, assumes model of the open subject: which is plunged into a language, society and is in the relation with Another, as occurs to the Traveling Man.

Key words: another,other,phenomenology,travel,identity,ontology,dialogue philosophy