THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

Chechnya from february t october 1917

2012. 4, pp. 389-395

Alischanova Malika H. - postgraduate student, Chechen State University, 32 Sheripov st., Grozny, 364097, Russia,

In this article are lighted up social and political processes passing in Chechen after February revolution. In spite of the fact that passed 95 years, there is no unequivocal position in an assessment of February in Russia. In the huge country with various level of economic, political cultural develop according to one scenario. If in Petrograd where during revolution 2 centers of the political power were formed in Chechnya multiple authority which didnt promote society consolidation was established. The article reports the main tendencies of the war and political confrontation in North Caucasus in the first years of the Soviet power. It gives us some information about the fight for the intensification of the Soviet power, ideological struggle of the opposing political, religious and national powers; flexibility and foresight of the Bolshevist Party that had to make a forced and reasonable compromise with the opponents in the struggle for power. Special attention is paid to the problem of this problems solution in the multinational region.

Key words: Chechnya,Revolution,Union of highlanders,Congress,Brigand,Shariat,Party of order.