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The ideas of Holy Russia and the Third Rome in the history of the Russian cultural-historical and philosophical thought

2012. 4, pp. 371-377

Bedaev Alexander I. - teacher, The Astrakhan art school (technical school) of Vlasov, 27 Akademika Koroleva st., Astrakhan, 414040, Russia,

The aim of the article is the consideration of debating questions of studying of the ideas of Holly Russia and Moscow the Third Rome in the history of Russian cultural, historical and philosophical thought (S.M. Solovyov, V.V. Zenkovsky, A.N. Berdyaev, N.S. Trubetskoy, B.A. Uspensky, I.N. Danilevsky, M.B. Plyukhanova, N.V. Sinitsyn, etc.). The tasks of this work are the consideration of time and sources of emergence of these ideas, and also their connection. Historiographic review can recognize the religious roots of these formulas, as well as the continuity between them. The author uses methods: descriptive, comparative and historical, scientific methods of analysis and synthesis. The study involves the works which have already become classics and the works by modern authors.

Key words: Holy Russia,Third Rome,the Russian land,Orthodoxy,Messianism,Nationalism,Confession,Byzantium,Filofei,sanctuary movement.