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Scientific journal

Motive and interest as the problematic motivation categories

2012. 4, pp. 178-184

Gainutdinova Ekaterina V. - Ph.D. (Philosophy), Associate Professor, The Astrakhan State Technical University, 16 Tatishchev st., Astrakhan, 414025, Russia,

The research purpose is in carrying out the social-philosophical analysis of the concepts motive and interest in the tideway of studying of the motivational stage in the operating process, to structure the given mechanisms and to define their functional purpose. The necessity of the similar analysis appeares, first of all, because there is no clear definition in the character of action and in the source of their occurrence: on the one hand, these mentioned concepts are connected with consciousness work; on the other hand with genetic features of the subject, or researchers find out the ways of association of these components.

Key words: Motivation,Need,Motive,Interest,Consciousness,Value preference.