THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal


2019. №2, pp. 74-78

Lavrikova Anastasiia A. - Ph. D. (Policy), Associate Professor, Tula State University,

The article deals with the system of qualities and factors of forming the subject of political participation. The subject of political participation will be viewed in terms of conceptual construction of the category “community” which includes such as features as a problem situation, publicity, discoursivity, directivity and regularity of communication links, etc. It will enable the author to cover the whole subjective composition of non-professional political activity; to reflect its complex character; to view the situations in which the same individual / representative of an organization is simultaneously included in various formats of political participation thus representing various groups of community. Besides, such approach increases the list of counter-agents of subjects of political participation, which includes not only political institutions (the state, first and foremost), but also other institutions, which are not always political in every sense of this word, actors who are the carries of other (sometimes antagonistic) interests/ values which also have a public character. This kind of interpretation of the subjective space of political participation, on the one hand, largely takes into account such features and processes which determine the content of contemporary politics as individualization with keeping a collective dimension of policy, differentiation, diffusion of policy borders, decentralization, growth of uncertainty, etc., and, on the other hand, gives grounds for necessity to refuse a non- differential approach in managing political communications, which continues to dominate in the national contest at present.

Key words: политическое участие, субъекты политического участия, общественность, публичная сфера, проблемная ситуация, политический дискурс, политическая коммуникация, «мудрая толпа», социальная группа, политическая вовлеченность, political participation, subjects of political participation, community, public sphere, problem situation, political discourse, political communication, «wise crowd», social group, political involvement