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The final stage of the fight of Argos and the Sparta for hygemony in Peloponness: the role of elite in the transformation of the "dori" aristocratic structure in the democratic

2017. №4, pp. 233-241

Venidiktova E.A. - Ph.D. (History), Associate Professor, Institute of International Relations, History and Oriental Studies, Kazan Federal University, 18, Kremlevskaya Str., Kazan, 420008, Russian Federation,

The article reveals the role of Argos in the Peloponnese in the archaic period. Two important stages of the struggle between Argos and Sparta for the hegemony - the battle for Thyrea and the Battle of Sepeia are considered. On the basis of the analysis of narrative sources and scholarly literature, it was established that VIII-VI cc. BC. are characterized by constant military clashes. Since Pheidon of Argos’s coming to power , who began to conduct an aggressive foreign policy, Argos became a dangerous rival for his neighbors. The important stage in the development of the Argive-Spartan conflict was the victory of Argos over the Spartans in the Battle of Hysia. The situation changed not in favor of Argos immediately after the battle for Thyrea, which resulted in the defeat of the Argives. Since this time, Argos has temporarily suspended their military operations directed against Sparta. The victory of the Lacedaemonians over Argos in 546 BC. was, in its own way, significant, because it did not only expanded the Spartan influence to the north-east, but also showed to the states located there that the leadership in the Peloponnese now finally has passed from Argos to Sparta. However, the battle that took place for Thyrea, did not put an end to the struggle for hegemony in the Peloponnese between Argos and Sparta, and the next stage of their rivalry was the Battle of Sepeia, the consequences of which were disastrous for the Argive policy. There have been cardinal social changes in Argos as the result of the defeat. The "Dorian" aristocratic system has been transformed into a democratic one. Despite this, conflicts between both polises did not finished, but their character has changed significantly. Argos in the classical period no longer opposed to the Lacedaemonians independently, but only participated in various anti-Spartan coalitions.

Key words: Аргос, Спарта, Фериатида, битва при Сепее, Фидон, Пелопоннес, Греция, история, гегемония, Argos, Sparta, Thyrea, the battle of Sepeia, Pheidon, Peloponnese, Greece, history, hegemony