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F.N. Gorenstein’s «Astrakhan - black caviar»: philosophy of landscape

2017. №4, pp. 124-130

Zavyalova E.E. - D.Sc. (Philology), Astrakhan State University, 20a Tatishcheva Str. Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,

The article reveals the functions of descriptions of the natural and anthropogenic landscapes in "traveler's notes" created by F.N. Gorenstein after a trip to Astrakhan. The importance of the opposition "own" - "alien" in the story, alternating European sketches with Asian ones, is proved. It is alleged that the writer intentionally isolates elements of diverse cultures: he tries to identify the complex nature of the national in modern Russia by the example of Astrakhan. Further, the impressions of the narrator are analyzed. At first, stress is pumped by the writer, it is indicated on the infertility of the soil, the sounds of fire, the ubiquitous dust. In the landscapes there is an infernal figurative series: infernal heat, a red-hot bridge, a dried up river, like a skeleton. Evening Volga evokes from the traveler a primal fear. Daytime heat is contrasted with the night's cold, the blinding light - impenetrable darkness, dry rustle - wet slap. Unchanged are discomfort, anxiety, aliens.After the "initiation" of the guest - the eating of the sazan (carp) head - he gets more positive impressions. The metropolitan guest wanders with pleasure in the historical districts of the city. In the image of the delta, the following fact is significant: dry land and dampness, divisible by two poles at the beginning of the story and equally dangerous, are now harmoniously combined, balanced. The last of the pictures imprinted in the reserve is called the author of the article climax, the local nature is surprisingly affectionate towards the narrator.

Key words: Ф.Н. Горенштейн, социокультурная гетерогенность, российская нация, травелог, этнографизм, пейзаж, алиентация, инициация, динамика действия, символ, художественная деталь, F.N. Gorenstein, sociocultural heterogeneity, Russian nation, travelogue, ethnography, landscape, alimentation, initiation, dynamics of action, symbol, artistic detail