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State election policy in relation to prisoners in the United States

2017. №4, pp. 87-93

Morozova O.S. - Associate Professor, Ryazan state University named for S.A. Р•senin, 46 Svobody Str., Ryazan, 390000, Russian Federation,

This article is about the state of electoral politics in relation to certain categories of citizens: those convicted and serving a sentence and was already released from places of imprisonment. The laws of different countries, characterized by a great diversity in the provisions governing the limitation of voting rights. The European court of human rights clearly specifies the right of prisoners to participate in elections. An interesting practice in the United States as a Federal state where every state has the right to decide whether prisoners could vote, or they will lose this right even after his release. Suffrage prisoners after the completion of the sentence can be restored automatically, or you must appeal to the Governor, the court or other officials.

Key words: public policy and management in the sphere of the electoral process, elections in the United States, prisoners, государственная политика и управление в сфере избирательного процесса, выборы в США, заключенные