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Scientific journal

Research of electoral reform: peculiarities and limitations

2017. №4, pp. 62-66

Evstifeev R.V. - Doctor of Political Science, Leading Researcher, Vladimir Branch of Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, 59A Gorkogo Str., Vladimir, 600017, Russian Federation,

The article discusses the data on the special characteristics of electoral reforms. Based on the analysis of studies on electoral reforms in various countries, the author have identified the main patterns of reformsand features of their study, which include the correlation between the goals of change and reform, the direction of reforms and differentiation of "beneficiaries," the contradictory role of the public in carrying out reforms, increasing expectations from electoral reforms, the problem of limited effects of electoral reforms.

Key words: электоральные реформы, электоральная государственная политика, кросс-национальные исследования, electoral reforms, electoral state policy, cross-national studies