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The conception and historical philosophical ground of Aleksey Losev’s philosophy of religion

2018. 1, pp. 169-177

Grankova M.V. - postgraduate student, The Kuban State University, 149 Stavropolskaya Str., Krasnodar, 350040, Russian Federation,

This article is devoted to disclosure of the Alexey FyodorovichLosev’s concept of philosophy of religion. The most important concepts of the Absolute in NikolayKuzansky, Friedrich Schelling, Georg Hegel, Paul Natorp, Edmund Gusserl and Oswald Spengler's works which have exerted impact on works of the Russian thinker are considered. The essence reveals and the criticism of transcendental, phenomenological and dialectic methods of philosophizing is shown. It is considered and determined provisions of above-mentioned aspects in Losev’s philosophy in already removed type or in philosophical creativity movement to synthesis is only performed. Alexey FyodorovichLosev’s philosophical views of Neoplatonism sources as philosophical system about system of hierarchy of life and to forming passing are analyzed, the ascending of the steps created as reconstruction of archaic mythology and Neoplatonism as a social stage is attempt of return to the archaic communal relations and, as a result, to mythology. As a result influence of concepts of above-mentioned thinkers on formation of Alexey Fyodorovich Losev’s own dialectic method as the dialectic method can open unity of the considered categories of each culture proves to be true. Own dialectic method of Alexey FyodorovichLosev is shown them as logical designing of an eidos, that is the finished image of a thing from the point of view of logic. The dialectic law of coincidence of contrasts of the philosopher which reveals an eidos as synthesis of the contradictory properties which are integrally turned into an alive, real organism of a thing is shown.

Key words: , , , , , , , , Alexey Losev, religion philosophy, transtsendentalizm, phenomenology, dialectics, mythology, Absolute, eidos