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Modern management tools of government control over development of power industry as a source of strategic advantage

2018. №1, pp. 115-121

Markelov K.A. - Ph.D. (Economics), Associate Professor, Astrakhan State University, 20a Tatisheva Str., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,

Power industry plays a leading role in the global economy. The modern civilization development was based on harnessing new energy sources and was characterized by continuous increase of energy consumption. Until the mid-20th century coal and firewood were the main sources of energy. Then the world energy balance increasingly became focused on oil, gas and, at the end of the century, nuclear energy. The article dwells on application of modern management tools in the process of government control over power industry. More than 20 % of the Russian GDP structure is formed by the fuel and energy industry, so the benchmarking of the best management practices is quite urgent for this industry and meets the national energy securityrequirements. As a rule, the modern Russian strategic tools are represented by results of their application in business structures. However, foreign experience shows that applying these tools in government control can also boost overall efficiency of the system functioning. The paper presents a fragment of the strategic map application in the process of the government control over the power industry with the use of the benchmarking method and system approach.

Key words: государственное управление, стратегический менеджмент, энергетика, стратегическое превосходство, управленческий инструментарий, топливо, ресурс, экономический ресурс, энергетическая безопасность, потребление, strategic management, government control, power industry, strategic advantage, management tools, fuel, resource, economic resource, energy security, consumption