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Formation of the concept of patriotism in antique and christian philosophy and culture

2017. №3, pp. 185-193

Kilin S.V. - postgraduate student, Kuban State University, 149 Stavropolskaya Str., Krasnodar, 350040, Russian Federation,

The article deals with the main stages of evolution and the basic approaches to the definition of patriotism as in ancient and Christian culture. The author analyzes the process concretization of the concept of its most common and therefore abstract definitions (the idea of civic virtue and the state in ancient philosophy and culture) to its definition of the integral as a love for the spiritual content of the Fatherland of Church and State in the history of Christian thought. 1. Such an integrated analysis of the concept of patriotism in the ancient and Christian philosophy and culture is still largely unsolved problem of modern philosophy that, in fact, determines the scientific relevance of the chosen topic, its problematic and subject content. 2. As of source material used most representative texts of ancient and Christian thinkers, with intelligent logical and historical, i.e. dialectical methodology to reveal the integral meaning and factual content of the idea of patriotism in the pre-Christian and Christian eras of world history. 3. The results of conducting historical and philosophical research is the concept of an integrated model of patriotism makes philosophical and methodological positions to determine the direction of the specification of this concept in the system of modern social and human sciences: political science, history, sociology, law, culture, and others. 4. The information presented in the article of historical and philosophical concept of patriotism can be updated directly in the system of state policy in the field of patriotic education of Russian youth.

Key words: патриотизм, язычество, христианство, религия, вера, любовь, духовность, ценности, общество, государство, patriotism, paganism, Christianity, religion, faith, love, spirituality, values, society, state