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Political identity and foreign policy of modern Russia and Greece

2017. №3, pp. 115-124

Yanacova V.R. - postgraduate student, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1 Vorobyovy Gory, Moscow, 119992, Russian Federation,

The problem of political identity is extremely relevant in the modern world, this is one of the important forms of identification of the individual. The problem of identity and the definition of the grounds for its study are also relevant because of the crisis of the identity of modern man. The identity crisis is associated with the process of globalization and the development of the information society, as well as with the attempts of political actors to form a new political system. Formation of political identity is one of the key moments for democratic countries, depending on external and internal factors. Political identity influences the foreign policy of all modern states. The principles underlying political identity must be a certain balance. On the one hand, they must be recognized as common to all citizens, be the subject of their consensus. On the other hand, they must leave the field for the manifestation of their individuality by various groups and minorities. Political identity influences the foreign policy of all modern states. The article examines the political identity of such states as Russia and Greece. Russia appears to be making several elections at once - between integration into European civilization and the desire to preserve itself as an independent center of power, relative isolation and complete openness, an empire and a nation-state. The influence that the Greek political identity has on the behavior of Greece in recent years postpones the foreign policy of the state, since the Greek government seeks to gain EU confidence and renew ties with friendly countries in spite of the crisis.

Key words: политическая идентичность, внешняя политика, Россия, Греция, современный мир, кризис идентичности, интеграция, концепция, внешнеполитический курс, государство, political identity, foreign policy, Russia, Greece, modern world, identity crisis, integration, concept, foreign policy, state