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Phenomenon of alien serving group in kazakh Bukey Horde (turn XIX - XX centuries)

2017. №3, pp. 19-29

Ishmukhambetov R.V. - postgraduate student, Astrakhan State University, 20a Tatisheva Str., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,

This article is devoted to the role of service groups in the history of the Bukey Horde. Bukey Horde and its history represent an important part of the history of the entire Caspian region. Despite the fact that the study of various aspects has two centuries in its history, there are gaps. One such aspect is the history of service groups. Changing social development paradigm in Bukeyev Horde (orientation on the takeover of "Tatar" just and the Nogai type in the formation and management has contributed, in our view, the rise of several groups - Nogai and Tatar (Mishar) origin of the first named Nogay - kazakh and karagashnogay, second - named Karakalpak. These groups, it's basically amounted to support the authorities Khan. This is especially apparent in the uprising Isatai Taimanov. Subsequently, representatives of the groups carrying out police duties received special location of the authorities. These groups were before special ethnosocial, have now become special sub-ethnic units as part of the western (Bukeyev) part of of kazakhs. Nowadays of the descendants of groups that left the bright trace in the history of Bukeyev horde live there to keep the memory and traditions.

Key words: Букеевская Орда, Джангир-хан, ногай-казахи, каракалпаки, туленгиты, ногайцы-карагаши, восстание Тайманова, bukey horde, Jahangir Khan, Nogai-Kazakh, Karakalpak, tulengits, Nogai-Karagash, Taimanov rebellion