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About the ratio of category of social dynamics

2017. 2, pp. 177-186

Shevchuk I.I. - Ph.D (Philosophy), Associate Professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 27/4, Lomonosovskiy ave., Leninskie Gory, Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation,

The work is devoted to analysis of reasons and roots of social dynamic, reflected in categories. Author considers questions, connected with mutual relations of such categories as “progress”, “revolution”, “reform” etc. Are investigated points of view of domestic (Gavrov S.N., Grechko P.K., Zavalko A.G., Semenov Y.I., etc.) and foreign authors (G.W.F.Hegel, R.Dahrendorf, K.Marx, J.A. Condorcet, K.R.Popper, A.Tojnbi). Making conclusion, that dynamic of society evolution needs its systemacy and integrity. In particular, it concerns such categories like “directionality of historical process”, “sources (causes) of society changes”

Key words: , , , , , , , , globalization, globalism, modernization, progress, society, of, revolution, reform