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I.V. Kamensky - ideologist of the “new slavic outlook”

2017. 2, pp. 169-176

Boldin V. - postgraduate student, The Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2 Leninskie gory, Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation,

The article deals with the social and political views of one of the prominent members of the Slavic movement in the late XIX - early XX century Ilya V. Kamensky. The concept of the “new Slavic outlook”, which was proposed by I.V. Kamensky, is analyzed in the context of the social, political and economic changes which took place in Russia. These processes determined the renouncement of young generation of Pan-Slavists from the traditional Pan-Slavic and Slavophil concepts. Socio-political and economic changes in the society had to create a new ideas, that could meet the challenges of the era. The article concludes that the evolution of the Pan-Slavic political concepts in the late XIX - early XX century in the direction of the propagandizing of the ideas of economic integration of the Slavic lands and encourage the development of trade relations among “Russia, Austria-Hungary and the Balkans” was predetermined by objective factors. Evolution of the Pan-Slavic political concepts in the late XIX - early XX century is a little-developed theme in the modern political science literature, despite the fact that some of the ideas proposed by ideologists of the “new Slavic outlook” had a real practical implementation (such as the holding of two Slavic Congresses in 1908 and 1910). Moreover, some of the ideas, which were firstly expressed by V.I. Kamensky, were further developed at the political level. This once again confirms the relevance of the Kamensky’s ideas in the late XIX - early XX century.

Key words: , , , , .. , , Pan-Slavism, Slavic movement, the New Slavic outlook, Slavic conversation, I.V. Kamensky, Slavic Century