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Ecological culture as a factor of harmonization of relations between a person and nature

2017. №2, pp. 138-144

Chernikova V.E. - D.Sc. (Philosophy), Professor, North-Caucasus Federal University, 1 Pushkina st., Stavropol, 355003, Russian Federation,

The article studies the actual problems of ecological culture in the conditions of the increasing of global ecological crisis. It is noted that in the modern world the urgent need of transformation of valuable orientations towards the recognition of culture as the priority in the sphere of relations between a person and nature has appeared. In the conditions of technization of all spheres of society the role of a cultural component sharply increases in the interaction of a person and nature: that shows the level of involvement of a person in the activity for transformation of the nature. The ecological culture as one of types of culture includes all kinds of the relations of the person and society towards the nature. It allows to consider the ecological culture as the special way of optimization of the activity of the person aimed to provide harmony in the "person - nature" system. The great role in the formation of ecological culture plays the ecological education, in the process of which the ecologic-oriented person with certain outlook and moral states is formed. The necessary components of the ecological culture are ecological knowledge and abilities which are the basic principles of the formation of ecological competences. In formation of ecological culture a specific place is held by system of the values based on ecological and moral imperatives. The author believes that nowadays the ideas of the Russian cosmism are actualized, because they are capable to overcome the alienation of the person by nature and are considered as the important factor of formation of ecological values in Russia.

Key words: экологический кризис, экологическая культура, экологическое образование, экологические ценности, экологоориентированная личность, экологическое мировоззрение, принцип коэволюции, ecological crisis, ecological culture, ecological education, ecological values, ecological-oriented personality, ecological outlook, principle of co-evolution