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The peculiarities of the reforming of the electoral system and the practice of conducting elections in the sphere of local government in Moscow (2000-2008)

2017. №2, pp. 125-130

Nikodimova D. I. - applicant, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 27/4 Lomonosovsky ave., GSP-1, Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation,

The article analyzes the peculiarities carried out in 2000-2008 on improving the electoral system in local government bodies of Moscow. The main goal of the reforms was to democratize and increase the effectiveness of local government bodies. Based on the analysis of law acts, the author discusses the individual stages of the update of the electoral system, examines the reasons for and the appropriateness of their conduct. The author made emphasis on empowering local governments with some state powers. This process was accompanied by significant difficulties related to the redistribution of competencies and public property, the definition of the boundaries of the powers of the state and local government bodies, the unformed regional regulatory framework. On the example of Moscow, the article shows changes in the system of elections to local authorities that occurred after the reforms of 2000-2008, and aimed, among others, at bringing the Russian regional electoral system closer to European standards. Highlights the main trends in the development of the electoral process in the local governments, which have become part of a broad programme of reforms to create political order in modern Russia.

Key words: реформы, выборы, избирательная система, политический строй, местное самоуправление, компетенция, децентрализация, муниципальные образования, Конституция РФ, федеральные законы, Москва, reforms, elections, electoral system, political order, local government, competence, decentralization, municipalities, Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws, Moscow