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Prospects of development of primaries procedure as a stage of party mobilization

2017. №2, pp. 106-111

Khozikova N.V. - postgraduate student, Bashkir Academy of Public Administration and Management under the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan, 40 Zaki Validi str., Ufa, 450008, Russian Federation,

This article analyzes the positive and negative aspects of the primaries procedure, and their impact on the course of the process of party mobilization during the election campaign. The conclusion is that the preliminary stage of the vote as the electoral process is an important factor for the development of party mobilization, and allows voters to observe the formation of party lists. The author believes that it is necessary to take into account the experience of different countries during the early voting. It is noted that the holding of primaries in municipalities seems extremely complicated procedure. This is connected, primarily, with the problems of selection of candidates to participate in the vote, a lack of qualified party cadres in the field. However, primaries have a significant set of positive characteristics: they allow consolidate the loyalty of the political elite, stabilize the party system, form a loyal voters, party members and activists are expanding the electoral base of the party and borders of the election campaign, allow us to introduce intra-party competition, and set the agenda for all campaign. Study of negative and positive manifestations of election primaries practice will help the effective implementation of this procedure in the Russian political practice will contribute to the growth of the mobilization potential of the Russian political parties.

Key words: политическая мобилизация, предварительное голосование, партийная система, политические партии, избирательное право, political mobilization, preliminary vote, the party system, political parties, electoral right