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The political course of the president Hassan Rouhani in factional system of Islamic Republic of Iran

2017. №1, pp. 113-119

Isacov A.S. - postgraduate student, Institute of Philosophy and Law, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 16 Sofii Kovalevskoy St., Ekaterinburg, 620990, Russian Federation,

The article aims to explore political course of President Hassan Rouhani in factional system of Islamic Republic of Iran. Research is based on the methodology assuming the analysis of the impact of different factions on republican institutes. In addition, article describes the institutional specificity of the Islamic republic as the form of government and the political agenda of the Islamic Revolution of 1978-1979. Author analyze the concept of В«Vilayat-e FaqihВ». This concept is base of modern Iran. The author gives a general description of the political disposition of the country before and after the elections of 2013. There is reduction of the president's influence on the political process after the elections. Also analyzes political agenda promoted by each faction. Article describes major Russian and foreign academic approaches to the analysis of fractional landscape of Iran. The main approach include four factions: reformists, pragmatists, traditionalists, principlists. All of this factions agree with the current configuration of political institutions and loyal to the regime. The emphasis is on differences in factional agenda like attempts of export of the Islamic revolution, position on the nuclear issue and the choice of an optimal model of economic development. The result of this research is the actual characteristics of the fractional balance of power in Iran and a description of the special role of the President.

Key words: Х. Роухани, политические фракции, политический ислам, исламская революция, Иран, М. Ахмадинежад, бонияды, зеленое движение, Корпус Стражей Исламской Революции, Р. Хомейни, санкции, ядерная проблема, H. Rouhani, political factions, political Islam, Islamic revolution, Iran, M. Ahmadinejad, bonyads, the green movement, the Revolutionary Guards, R. Khomeini, sanctions, the nuclear issue