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Creativity problem in the Russian religious and philosophical tradition of the РҐРҐth century

2016. №4, pp. 223-231

Nemchinova A.L. - Ph.D. (Philosophy), Associate Professor, Astrakhan State Technical University, 16 Tatishcheva Str., Astrakhan, 414065, Russian Federation,

The author analyzes and proves a creativity problem from a position of the concept of a vseedinstvo. The organic interrelation of a problem of creativity with all main questions making a subject of the concept of a vseedinstvo of the Russian philosophy is noted. One of main is the provision that true identity is a certain image of a vseedinstvo. The basic principles of a vseedinstvo and qualities of the person corresponding to them realized in creativity as dialogue are considered. Creativity is true, due, perfect is the creativity directed to implementation of an ideal of a vseedinstvo, that is creativity of Good, the Truth, Beauty. The analysis of a problem of creativity in works of the Russian philosophers leads to a conclusion: the most important criterion of creativity is a recognition by the unconditional value of any identity (essence): as own - belonging to me as to the certain person, and, at the same time, recognition of identity of any other person the same unconditional value what own identity is.

Key words: творчество, всеединство, Добро, Истина, Красота, христианство, диалог, П.А. Флоренский, Н.О. Лосский, С.Л. Франк, С.Н. Булгаков, creativity, vseedinstvo, Good, Truth, Beauty, Christianity, dialogue, P.A. Florensky, N.O. Lossky, S.L. Frank, S.N. Bulgakov