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Scientific journal

Theoretical issues in the study of electoral reform

2016. №4, pp. 135-140

Morozova O.S. - Ph.D. (Policy), Associate Professor, Ryazan state University named for S.A. Р•senin, 46 Svobody Str., Ryazan, 390000, Russian Federation,

The article considers a number of areas in the study reform of electoral systems, aktualisierungs lately. The question is raised how the structure of party systems affects the initiation and direction of electoral reforms. Examines data on the characteristics of electoral reform in post-Communist countries. The article provides an example of the debate between supporters and opponents of proportional and majoritarian systems. Shows widespread methodological critique of the literature on reforms of electoral systems. Emphasizes the need to study not only successfully implemented electoral reforms, but they failed, or even failed attempts. The article describes the cases of electoral reform in the regions and focuses on a small study of electoral reforms at the subnational level, which is important for further analysis of public policy and management in the sphere of the electoral process.

Key words: государственная политика и управление в сфере избирательного процесса, избирательная реформа, партийная система, методология, public policy and management in the sphere of electoral process, electoral reform, party system, methodology