THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

Theory of regional political marketing

2016. №4, pp. 98-103

Kislyakov M.M. - Sc.D. (Policy), Professor, Kemerovo Institute (branch) of the Russian Economic University named after Plekhanov, 39 Kuznetskiy Ave., Kemerovo, 650992, Russian Federation,

In the article the author analyzes the theoretical aspects of regional political marketing. In particular, the state of knowledge on issues of regional political marketing. Attention is drawn to the fact that in order to determine the nature of the process of development of a regional political marketing as an open nonequilibrium system of considerable scientific interest are the works by I.R. Prigogine, N.N. Moiseev, G.G. Malinetskogo and others. It is noted that among political scientists consider political institutions as a non-equilibrium system, can be called R.F. Matveev. Direct marketing study of regional political problems studied by P.A. Kolosov and M.S. Kholodilin. According to the author, the main task of the regional political marketing is that with its help, firstly, to identify the political needs, the needs and requests of citizens of the region, to meet them, taking into account regional peculiarities of political life; and secondly, to build long-term mutually beneficial partnerships regional authorities with the citizens of the region, to create an effective system of political administration and local government in the region; Third, determine the negative phenomena and processes in the political life of the region, determine their causes, and eliminate them form the citizens of the region need to participate in political activities; Fourth, create a new structure, allowing you to change the content of regional and municipal authorities, as well as the political behavior and political mentality of the citizens of the region. The author of the article on the basis of such criteria as the effectiveness of the regional political marketing technologies highlighted are his views as strategic, tactical, rational, irrational, effective, ineffective.

Key words: состояние изученности, сущность, виды регионального политического маркетинга: стратегический, тактический, рациональный, иррациональный, эффективный, малоэффективный, state of knowledge, the nature, types of regional political marketing: strategic, tactical, rational, irrational, effective, ineffective