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Scientific journal

Transformation of ideas of dialogue of cultures in the conditions of informatization of modern reality

2016. №3, pp. 130-135

Chernikova V.E. - D.Sc. (Philosophy), Professor, North-Caucasus Federal University, 1 Pushkina Str., Stavropol, 355003, Russia,

The article studies the actual problems of dialogue of cultures in the conditions of informatization of modern reality. Dialogue as the sociocultural phenomenon is formed in certain cultural and historical conditions, reflects features of various epochs and is exposed to transformations. In the conditions of informatization of social area information culture is created. Such type of culture assumes an open entry to any information, appearance of new forms of communicative interaction and a new way of thinking based on aspiration of the personality to self-realization and self-affirmation. The moral and cultural crisis, which has been come, is considered in the context of communicative transformations which erase borders between cultures and create the base for forming of single cultural area. Within the processes of cultural unification, tendencies to independence of separate cultures, and to upholding of own originality are observed. The transformation of modern society towards the expansion of information exchange and the virtualization of social area have caused the appearance of new methods of understanding of the dialogue of cultures. Such method should be based on the significance and multidimensionality of modern reality. To author’s opinion, the polylogue as a modern modification of dialogue, in high degree reflects communicative peculiarities of information epoch, considers its polycommunicativeness and multi-vector nature. The basis of the polylogue is constituted by the principle of pluralism which assumes the existence and interaction of various cultural forms. Such understanding of cultural interaction is based on recognition of variety of cultures, refusal of cultural confrontation, approval of the principle of cooperation, elimination of the local and global cataclysms leading to the destabilization of society.

Key words: диалог, диалог культур, коммуникация, информационное пространство, информационная культура, коммуникативная личность, полилог, интерсубъектность, кризис культуры, мультивекторность, поликоммуникативность, dialogue, dialogue of cultures, communication, information area, information culture, communicative personality, polylogue, intersubjectivity, crisis of culture, multi-vector nature, polycommunicativeness