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The essence of spiritual and moral values in the development of the individual and society

2016. №3, pp. 117-120

Molchan E.M. - Ph.D. (Pedagogy), Associate Professor, Sergiev Posad branch VSHNI (AND), 5 Severnyy proesd, Sergiev Posad, Moscow region, 141300, Russia,

In the work of moral and spiritual values are considered as the basis for the transformation of individuals, society and the world. Revealing the essence of spiritual and moral values, the author defines them as properties of being human, which manifests itself in spiritual and moral activities and implemented both internally and in the external world through the mind, feelings, behavior, communication, attitudes, needs. It is shown that moral values are the Foundation of the culture and appear in all kinds of social life, as they are objective by their nature and content, and are not dependent on subjective consciousness.

Key words: общечеловеческие ценности, антиценности, общество, личность, смыслы, human values, anti-values, society, personality, the senses