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Scientific journal

Trolling political and geopolitical problems (for example, the Middle East conflict)

2016. №2, pp. 160-165

Ilyin Alexey A. - postgraduate student, Astrakhan State University, 20a Tatischeva Str., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,

Afghanistan and Syria for Russian steel control points for the demonstration of weapons and information warfare . US attacks were carried out on all fronts, accusing Russia of the murder of civilians in Syria and Afghanistan. In all such accusations led Russian sound arguments , which just nipped discrediting honor and dignity of the attempt. The object of this article is information warfare , the subject of the provocative messages towards Russia.

Key words: политический троллинг, информационное противоборство, СМИ, провокация, Россия, США, авторитет, интернет, НАТО, идеология, political trolling information warfare, media, provocation, Russia, the United States, the authority, the Internet, NATO, ideology