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Protest activity in the media (in 2013-2015

2016. 2, pp. 141-150

Sokolov Alexander V. - Ph.D. (Politicy), Associate Professor, Demidov Yaroslavl State University, 10 Sovetskya Str., Yaroslavl, 150000, Russian Federation,

Barsky Jakov V. - graduate student,, 10 Sovetskya Str., Yaroslavl, 150000, Russian Federation

The protest is a form of communication of society and power which appears a difficult component of development of society and political system of a state. The way in which the media broadcast protest in the information space have fundamental importance for the protest. Therefore important it is how the media interpreted the protest: as a deviation or as a legal way to express discontent and to stimulate social change. These images allow to form a definite reaction of citizens and authorities. This paper describes protests in period of 2013-2015 on the example of following cases: “Case of Kvachkov”; “Meeting in the Bolotnaya Square in 2013”; “March for rights of Moscow`s citizens”; “March of peace” and protests of truckers in 2015. The research was conducted through the methods of event-analysis and case-study. The purpose of event-analysis was to obtain quantitative indicators characterizing the media concerning to the object of the research. “Yandex-news” was the resource for the data collection and processing of information about media reports about the protests. More than 1,300 news reports were analyzed during research. The research results show that civil protests are most fully highlighted nowadays by regional or online media. Their informational materials significantly different from the material of the federal television media. The information received from the media rather strongly shapes the citizen`s perception and evaluation of a socio-political process.

Key words: , , , , -, event-, case-study, , 2013 , , , , protest, media, mass media, civic engagement, Yandex-news, event-analysis, case-study, Case of Kvachkov, Meeting in the Bolotnaya Square in 2013, March for rights of Moscow`s citizens, March of peace, protests of truckers