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Manipulation of consciousness as a component of the ideological activity

2016. №2, pp. 135-141

Ravochkin Nikita N. - Lecturer, Kemerovo State Medical Academy, 22a Voroshilova Str., Kemerovo, 650060, Russian Federation,

In public life result achieving hasn’t ever enough of their own efforts. Manipulators are met all over spheres of modern public life. Even referring to any significant historical events of an era we can note that any event in the political life never happened without anyone's support and action on the “from above” orders. The twentieth century and today is no exception. It`s obviously, that to succeed in the political realities and the successful implementation of ideological activity, dealing with ideologies producing and translation, elites have to require commitment on the majority population part. Manipulation of consciousness is one of the most effective tools in the implementation of communication at the interpersonal, group and mass levels. In this article mind control is regarded as a component of the ideological activity. The author establishes the connection of the object via the socio-philosophical ideas of E. Fromm and J. Ortega y Gasset analysis with the political events of the twentieth century. It is indicated to improve the communications system of modern social reality. In conclusion the author's view on the determinants of effective manipulation of consciousness in the context of ideological activity is given.

Key words: идеологическая деятельность, манипулирование сознанием, идеологемы, манипулятор, общественная жизнь, социальная реальность, человек-масса, толпа, СМИ, коллективизм, индивид, ideological activity, mind control, ideologies, manipulator, social life, social reality, the mass-man, the crowd, the media, teamwork, individual