THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

Internet technology as resource activity of political actors

2016. №2, pp. 101-108

Kurkemova Emilia T. - portgraduate student, Astrakhan State Univercity, 20a Tatishcheva Str., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,

Different approaches have been reviewed in the article for understanding the essence of information technology as more promising way for political process provision. This problem is topical due to traditional communication form changes during information society forming process and freeware distribution of information technologies. Information technologies increase direct contacts between the government and citizens; give opportunities to small social groups to realize their interests; affect the improvement, provision of procedures clarity and state decision making. An attempt was made in the article to identify principal trends which develop information technologies. In the result of the analysis a special importance of Internet Technology was revealed both for state and social development. Internet being a global communication mean opens new ways of state administration and interaction of government and society. In addition the article provides statistics which contain information about social investigations, politicians and public men ratings for certain period of time. Authors think about the role of social interactions in internet, see the prospects of political communication development in using any good opportunity for the citizens to take part on political processes. Empirical analysis of insufficient explored resources of Russian internet world wide web - weblogs was carried out

Key words: информационные технологии, Интернет, Интернет-технологии, Интернет-контент, блог, information technology, Internet, Internet Technology, Internet content, blog