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Chigirinsky campaign 1677 as the apogee first russian-turkish confrontation

2016. №2, pp. 32-39

Krivochenkov Roman S. - Ph.D. (History), Senior Lecturer, Belgorod State National Research University, 85 Pobedy Str., Belgorod, 308015, Russian Federation,

The article is devoted to the study of the first Russian-Turkish war, with detailed analysis Chigirinsky campaign in 1677, as the first large-scale between Russia and the Ottoman Empire for Ukraine in the light of modern Russian-Turkish relations, make us turn to the experience of history. Author cycling as an archival and published sources is considering military action, which took place at the Little Russian military theater of hostilities, in order to determine the level of combat training of the armed forces as a whole. The author attempts to analyze the quality of various types of troops participating in the battles of 1677 Chigirinskaya The conclusions of the article on the basis of the military campaign 1677g. It is determined by the level of development of military affairs and dignity of Russian troops, as well as the negative components belittle the military potential of the Russian army. The article deals with relationships in the camp of Russian-Ukrainian troops to confirm or refute the accepted model in the national historiography of combat brotherhood of peoples based on mutual Cossacks and Moscow military men in besieged Chigirin. The author attempts to make a picture of the vision problems, especially as current realities Russian-Ukrainian

Key words: русско-турецкая война 1672-1681 годов, Чигирин, Россия, Турция, Украина, военная история, армия, русско-турецкие отношения, русско-украинские отношения, опыт истории, Russian-Turkish war of 1672-1681 years, Chigirin, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, military history, army, Russian-Turkish relations, Russian-Ukrainian relations, the history of experience