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Scientific journal

Humanism and the man of the XXI century

2016. №1, pp. 162-167

Polikanova E.P. - Lomonosov Moscow State University, GSP-1, Leninskie gory, Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation,

The article analyzes the humanistic ideal, in the tradition of which is the principle of humanity. freedom, justice. equality, etc. Ideas humanism appeared a long time ago, the society can not develop without understanding the significance of man, his place in society, its opportunities. It is shown that classical humanism emerged during the Renaissance and the Enlightenment gave rise to the cult of “Autonomous man”, affirmed the inherent value of a person. Twentieth century and contemporary twenty-first century, the information society has led to the fact that humanistic ideas began to acquire some new trend associated with globalisation, individualism changed the nature of man. Man this lonely, forsaken, a man who never appears to itself as being a stable, self. The article pays attention to modern theories of humanism. This direction is transhumanism, “a new ideology”. Acknowledges the possibility of using modern technology to carry out fundamental changes in the status of humanity, they will save people from suffering, strengthen physical, mental and psychological abilities of a person. The goal of transhumanism - the enhancement of nature man, victory over aging. A special place is given freedom. It is obvious that freedom is connected with the essence of a man who carries always a choice, without a choice of alternatives and objectives, a person may not be. Freedom not only for themselves, but for Others, acceptance of the Other, recognition free. It is tolerance. The crisis of the humanist ideal can be overcome if priority will be universal values, culture, moral education of man, tolerance.

Key words: гуманизм, сущностные силы, личность, свобода, индивидуализм, трансгуманизм, нравственность, ценности, humanism, essential power, identity, freedom, individualism, transhumanism, morality, values