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The elite and the war: the falsification of victory and defeat

2015. №4, pp. 334-339

Karabushenko P.L. - D.Sc. (Philosophy), Professor, Astrakhan State University,

In the history of humanity the war has always played a key role. It was an exceptional event in the life of a single person and a standard course politicians zavedshih situation in the conflict impasse. War changed the face of the world, the political map, moved to new places and people of culture, turned the pages of the history of entire eras. Human history was written in blood, for humanity behaved very foolishly, sometimes simply inhuman. All this happened because of the war that fueled the forces of our В« beast-likenessВ» and the general propensity for violence. That is the fight against violence in ourselves is the main essence of pacifism. The process of humanization of humanity has always stumbled over potholes wars and social revolutions. And the main idea of a provocateur and a conductor of the war was is and will be the political elite,

Key words: война и мир, элиты, власть, лидеры/вожди, политическая история, политический режим, конфликт, победа, поражение, war and peace, elite, power, leaders / chiefs, political history, political system, conflict, victory, defeat