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The media freedom in Azerbaijan: problems and prospects of developmen

2015. №4, pp. 193-198

Osmanova Sh. - postgraduate student, Saratov State Academy of Law, 7 Krasnaya Naberezhnaya Str., / 1 Kuybysheva Str., Astrakhan, 414041, Russian Federation,

The article is devoted to the main problems and prospects of the media development in Azerbaijan. In his article, the author draws attention to the problems faced by the media in the Republic of Azerbaijan related to the economic and political dependence of the media. The author relates to the positive and negative trends in media freedom. As legal guarantees of speech and the press freedom, which ensure freedom of expression and the press were established in the country for the development of media freedom. The article describes the mechanisms of state support to develop media that cover a specific set of organizational, technical, legal, economic and other measures defined by state to ensure the speech freedom in society, people's right to receive objective information and independent media. The functioning of the independent media is one of the basic conditions for building of legal state and civil society and, considers that its impossible to use them in practice.

Key words: средства массовой информации, свобода слова, законодательные гарантии, независимость, диффамация, свобода выражения, объективная информация, политический плюрализм, государственная поддержка, mass media, freedom of speech, legislative guarantees. independence, defamation, freedom of expression, objective information, political pluralism, state support