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Perspective of historical development of the idea of nation: civic nation and ethnic nationalities

2015. №3, pp. 173-176

Barbirotto Patricio Ignacio - master, Via Arsina 296/A, 55100, Lucca, Italy, MA in International Relations, Ca' Foscari Universty in Venice, Italy,

The paper takes into account the development of modern nations and modern nationalities and its contemporary evolution. The current affirmed model of nation is the Civic Nation model, based on elements as laws and citizenship. Such a model coexist in states with multiple Ethnic Nationalities (an idea developed in XIX century based more on cultural elements). This model is the one pursued by the Russian Federation, adopting the Rossijan Civic Nation to embrace all the Ethnic Nationalities inhabitating the country. The historical analysis on the development of nationalism is based on the MA Thesis in International Relations 'Bosnia and Herzegovina: Nationalism and Constitutionalism', Patricio Ignacio Barbirotto, University Ca' Foscari of Venice, Italy, 2013.

Key words: национальное строительство, Nation, Nationalism, Nation-building, Identity, Russia, Russian Federation, Citizenship, Nationality, Ethnicity, State-building, нация, национализм, национальная идетичность, Россия, Российская Федерация, гражданство, национальнсоть, этническая группа, государственное строительство