THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

The problem of euroasian integration in the political process of modern Kazakhstan

2015. №3, pp. 149-154

Tuleshov Tokhtar D. - postgraduate student, Institute of service, tourism and design, 198 Sayramskaya st., Shymkent, Republic of Kazakhstan, 160008, Russian Federation,

Integration became the most important trend of modern development of political and economic space. The engine of integration processes in Eurasia is Kazakhstan which managed to involve Russia and China in this process. The Euroasian integration allows to establish the balance of forces, necessary for collective security, and counterbalances promoting developments of a dialogue form of the international relations. The foreign policy of Euroasian Union countries is directed on conflict prevention in counterbalance to a policy of В«the operated chaosВ» and В«color revolutionsВ».

Key words: Казахстан, интеграция, Евразия, Евразийский Союз, политический процесс, геополитика, политическое лидерство, национальная безопасность, диалог культур, Kazakhstan, integration, Eurasia, Euroasian Union, geopolitics, political leadership, national security, dialogue of cultures