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Toward a typology of Russian province official press (the Novgorod provincial gazette, the Novgorod eparchy gazette, the north refugee, 1838-1920)

2015. №3, pp. 22-27

Kozlov Sergey A. - applicant of the Department of history of journalism, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, 26 1st line V.O., Saint-Petersburg, 199004, Russian Federation,

Official editions for the period of the middle XIX - beginning of XX century in the Russian province influenced greatly the formation of social and cultural environment. Whilst their typological classification is still being controversial and can be difficult. In terms of the official press of Novgorod province the typological characteristics and evolutional dynamic of such editions is being reviewed. General analogies and main differences in type formation as well as its tendencies have been identified. Also such notions as В«province gazetteВ» and В«eparchy gazetteВ».

Key words: губернские ведомости, епархиальные ведомости, официальная печать, провинциальная печать, типология прессы, публицистика, province gazette, eparchy gazette, official press, province press, typology press, publicism